The EW1 Project is the first phase of a high voltage direct current (HVDC) interconnector between Wicklow in the Republic of Ireland and Anglesea in North Wales. The project is being developed by East-West Cable One Ltd.

The project is being developed on a private basis, which means that Irish electricity consumers won’t have to pay for its construction but the Irish economy we greatly benefit from the export of vast amounts of available green energy generated in Ireland.

The total length of the link will be approximately 135 km and will be laid beneath the seabed across the Irish Sea.
The cable will be capable of transporting electricity in both directions, with market demand determining the ultimate direction of electricity flow.

Securing Energy Supply – by providing sources of power to meet the growing demands of the Irish energy market
Sustaining the Environment – by releasing untapped sources of renewable energy and making this a reliable source of power the future
Stimulating the Local Economy – by providing jobs through investment and growth in infrastructure projects and Ireland becoming a leading player in the exporting renewable electricity from Ireland


The project has been severely delayed given the uncertainty of the Irish economy in recent times.

The EW1 East-West Interconnector has already made great leaps forward in its development.

The project has already been granted an EU TPA Regulatory Exemption for 25 years and holds licences for two routes to be developed over two phases.
Significant seabed surveys, technical designs and planning have already been completed.

Commercial negotiations are ongoing to bring this project on stream.